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Ask anything regarding west bengal lottery?

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    1. It’s depending on our customers,if they like this lottery and they support us by taking this lottery more than nagaland lotteries then it should be happened to launched Morning & Evening lottery.
      Thanks for understanding and thank you so much for interested in our lottery, Team- Westbengallotteries.com

  1. We don’t want Nagaland, Sikkim Mizoram lotteries……they are taking away all our state money by showing the 26lakhs LOLLIPOP

    1. yes you can take targeted number from our website…please click on lucky number menu to check lucky numbers. Thank you

  2. i banwari agarwal won first prize of new year bumper 2018 but i havent received a single penny till date,plz do have look in this matter at the earliest otherwise i will have to take legal action against west bengal state lottery department

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